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Friday, 16 July 2010

Get User Defined Constants in PHP

PHP function – get_defined_constants()  gives all the constants defined in current scope.  It can be CORE Constants, extensions defined constants and user defined constants. As a developer you may be interested in all defined constants or user defined constants at a time. As the total number of constants printed on screen can be very high, [...]

Giving Credit For Resource Used from Other Place But Not Link Credit!

I have seen number of times that very high traffic web sites use a trick sometimes when they want to mention a website or a resources (images etc) but do not want to give direct link. At first instance it look that it is for tracking a link but I think the story is different.
If [...]

Blog Stats

It is a statistics about one month from Google Analytics. Click on the image to see larger version of image.
Stats directly from awstats:

Eclipse Error – Failed to load the JNI shared library "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll"

Today I thought to check with new Version of eclipse – Helios.  I have download the eclipse, which was a good 143 MB and it took quite some time to download. When I tried to start the eclipse it does not worked. Eclipse gave me this error:- Failed to load the JNI shared library “C:\Program [...]

Javascript: Validate That Input String Length Falls In Range For Different Types

I am not sure what should be the title of the this post. I thought of titles like: JavaScript compare number in between array, check values in between min and max etc then thought of the long title. Still I am not sure if title is appropriate!
I got few types and based on those types [...]

Google Analytics: Track Outbound Links And Special Pages

Google analytics has lots of functionality but it does not provide an easy way of tracking outbound links on click. MyBlogLog provides this functionality is very useful way but that is free only 10 entry each days. That also has restriction on free version that you cannot see report after a week. So, you cannot [...]

Page Navigation for Wordpress

Just a quick post as I understood something important about Wordpress famous plugin for paging – WP-PageNavi. My configuration for this was not very correct and it was getting 404 Not found in Google webmaster tool. I think you would not like to see those error in webmaster tool. And it may not be good [...]

Evolution/History of XML

Here is a very short story about history and evolution of XML.  A kind of markup language was in use in publishing industry long before the formal markup we know these days. The text that need to be marked as bold on paper was marked as ‘B’, so that those text can be made bold [...]

EditPlus Text Editor’s Encoding support

I am using Editplus from quite long time. I use it as it is fast and efficient in whatever it is capable of doing. It is lightweight. EditPlus has very good support of Unicode. It’s  encoding facility works very well. It can auto detect encoding of a file and use that encoding to read and [...]

Fight between WHATWG and W3C; Fight for HTML5 Specification

Very good discussion posted by Stephen Shankland about new HTML specification (HTML5), W3C, WHATWG and few very important persons involved in development of new specification for HTML5. I have found the post very interesting and useful for all those who are related to web development.
He discussed about state of HTML5, its read

New “watermark” system scours the net for infringement, notifies owners

According a patent filing at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Digimarc’s “Method for monitoring internet dissemination of image, video and/or audio files” is a monitoring service that scans the Internet, consuming content as it goes. The system downloads audio, video and images, and then scans them for watermarks. If it finds a watermark it [...]

Google your google – using google

For me it is the only helper I can rely on.Google is providing so much useful information to whole world it can be said a revolution, which helped us free of cost to all.Google is now providing lot other services with simple search engine. Some of them may be not very useful to you or [...]

Learn PHP: An Introductory Tutorial for beginners

Script Writing :: Simple introductory tutorial for PHP scripting
Section 1:
For start learning PHP, you must have installed PHP on your system. With this you
need Apache and Mysql. Then you can start your PHP learning path from basic to advance.
For installing PHP, MySQL and other related software on your system, XAMPP will be the easiest. It [...]
iness to come fully [...]


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