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Saturday, 9 October 2010

64 Bit Computing - It's Fast, But How To Find 64-Bit Software?

In this article, the main benefits and the draw backs of 64-bit computing are described and discussed. Two classes of processors for modern PCs exist: the 32-bit processor and the 64-bit processor. This article focuses on the newer 64-bit processors.

The main advantage of 64-bit computing is the speed of processing. A 64-bit processor works twice as fast as the 32-bit processors due to the doubled volume of information that can be processed at any one time. Moreover some types of modern processors may consist of two cores instead of one and each of them is 64-bit, so the speed can be even 4 times higher. The doubled volume of information that can be processed is a very important feature to run, for example, high-definition 3-D applications or video editing software. Consequently, 64-bit computing provides new opportunities in the High-Tech field.

However, this additional speed comes with some drawbacks. Mainly there is only a very small amount of software which is able to harness the power of 64-bit processors. A lot of software developers still don't vendor versions of software which are compatible with 64-bit processors. Finding the software that can utilize 64-bit processors can be challenging and time consuming. Very often search engines display links to different articles with some phrases related to 64-bit software. Directories with software sometimes claim the 64-bit compatibility, but the developers of this software never claimed that.

We have included some tips to make searching of the 64-bit software easier:

Use more specific terms like "64-bit antivirus" or "x64 anty-spyware" rather then "64-bit".
Register on any 64-bit forum.
Don't broad your search resources by one or two search engines, try to use some more.
Find and use catalogues and directories.

Some software is already collected for you in Catalogue of 64-bit Software.


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