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Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Best eCommerce eBay Software for eBay Affiliates

What does every website needs? Promotions! If you are seller on eBay and are looking for eCommerce eBay software for eBay affiliate, the best one is Build a Niche Store and it can be used for eBay sellers as well. It is very user friendly and very inexpensive since after initial fee, there is not any cost at all. Here I will tell you about the software and where you can learn how to find your profitable market and how to promote your sites.

Being that an eBay seller needs to pay eBay fees and final value fees, this can save you money and you may even get paid for promoting your product if your competitors products sells, so it is kind of a win-win for you.

About this eCommerce eBay software for eBay affiliates. It is as I said called Build a niche store (Bans). For anyone who knows how to upload files using FTP, they can easily build their stores and that is unlimited.

Each store can be customized with colors and if you are more tech savvy, you can make custom adjustments to it. These stores feed directly of eBay so at any given time what eBay has listed, your store has listed.

It is important to mention that it is a lot easier to promote niche stores (smaller area of a big market) than large stores. So instead of building one huge store with all eBay categories you will need to narrow down your search.

The hard part of any website is the actual promotion of the website. There is a paid traffic and free traffic promotions. I personally prefer the free traffic but it takes time.

This way your profits actually increase on items you sell on eBay and commission you get from all the promotions. It is very important to mention that it is not easy to promote those sites, but after initial work, it is possible. The build a niche store is a great eCommerce eBay software for eBay affiliate and eBay sellers.

For anyone interested to learn more about Build a Niche Store and how to promote your site, There is a detailed step by step guide to Niche Affiliate Marketing Program and eBay Affiliate Training.

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