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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Burning Software - What to Look For

If you're tired worrying about shoeboxes full of irreplaceable family photographs, birth certificates and even letters, wondering if they'll survive a fire or flood (or even the next move), you can get peace of mind through easy-to-use technology. By simply scanning the picture or document, and then copying (or burning) it onto a blank disc (a CD-rom), you can safely store hundreds or thousands of items, which are quickly retrievable. The disc can be kept outside of the home, such as in a safe deposit box, so that if the worst happens, and the originals are destroyed, you can simply print copies from the disc.

CD burning software packages are offered by almost an infinite number of manufacturers, which means you can be very picky in your choice of program. Most (if not all) software providers, such as Roxio, Pyro and Nero 7, offer free downloads for you to try the product. Look for free tech support and updates, as well as an interface that's easy to navigate (in other words, it's user-friendly and intuitive).

Unless you're a technical guru, look for CD burning software that has drag-and-drop features, and obviously check the copy quality, whether you're burning your iTunes library, home videos and photos, or all the data stored on your computer. You may end up experimenting with several software programs before deciding on which one to buy, or you may get lucky and decide that you like the Nero 7 free download or the CloneCD software (for example) so much that you don't need to try anything else.

Nero, inc. ( offers the Nero 7 free download. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.


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