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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Can You Quit Your Job and Let Forex Robots Earn Your Income?

With the current economic meltdown causing millions of workers worldwide to lose their jobs, there seems no better time for 21st century computer technology to allow people to stay at home and earn money by letting robots manage their investment portfolio. But is this possible? Can someone actually install special software on their computer, sign up and get an investment account, and then sit back while artificial intelligence does all the research, calculations and trading decisions for you?

This is reality according to the promoters of such robotic systems as Forex Ambush and Fap Turbo. If their sales materials may be believed, then women and men all over the world, with no previous experience, knowledge or training in the ways of Wall Street, foreign exchange currency trading (Forex) or penny stocks are earning a steady income of $4,000 to $5,000 per month or more by trusting the choices being made by computerized systems.

Let us take a look at some examples provided regarding Forex Ambush 2.0. We see that a woman named Rita Cass had a new baby but no income because she had lost her job and was feeling as if her situation was desperate until she discovered the solution on the internet. Now she only has to spend a few hours per week and is averaging $5,517 on a monthly basis.

In a similar vein, we also heard about Nicole who hated having to carpool to her job in customer service, until things got even worse when she was laid off. Again, it was something she found online that Nicole called magical. She started from nil and ramped up to an average income of $378,000 per annum by listening to the signals generated by the artificial intelligence of Forex Ambush 2.0.

Fap Turbo, we are told, is capable of generating so much revenue that its promoters felt the need to assure us their Forex robot is not illegal. Citing case histories such as a trader who turned $370 into $7,300 in two months, or another investor who parlayed $5,100 into $25,100 in 30-days, three admitted tech geeks named Steve, Mike and Ulrich relate on their web page that their robot has a nine year track record of profitable results. Steve Carletti is a professional computer programmer and the head developer of the robot that is the artificial brains behind Fap Turbo. He partnered with two other computer experts he met at university, and together they set out to build what they call the ultimate and most easy to use money making machine.

What many observers find fascinating is how these new examples of technology are taking investing out of the hands of trained, educated, experienced specialists and putting it within the grasp of ordinary people who need only know how to purchase and install computer software and follow the instructions that come with the systems.

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