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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Computer Virus Protection Software Can Save Your Life

Right now you're already thinking, "computer virus protection software can't save my life, it only protects my computer". Well, you're sort of correct.

As the tech-guy who often gets called by friends and relatives when their PC's are in trouble, and after spending six hours last night removing a virus and tons of spyware from a friend's machine--a friend who didn't have any sort of protection software installed--trust me when I say his life now depends upon him keeping the protection software I got him up to date from here on.

Obviously his life isn't really in danger, but if I have to go through the same thing again with him in the future it could be a real strain on our friendship.

There's simply no reason for anyone to be running their PC without proper spyware and computer virus protection software installed. There are great programs available which are extremely easy to install, and they cost next to nothing. Not having them is like refusing to ever put air in your car tires because it's too much of an effort or you can't part with the few quarters. Eventually your tires will go flat and then your car is just a giant paper-weight in the driveway. Same goes for the PC on your desk, and that's one expensive paper-weight.

For your own good, because the tech-guy friend you call might not be as easy-going as I am, spend a few minutes and get yourself a decent firewall, along with spyware and computer virus protection software. Not only will it help keep your PC running more smoothly and faster, but it just might save your life.

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