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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Customer Service is Getting Better!

Through the last 5 to 6 years our customer service in the US has been atrocious and I would cringe every time I thought I would have to use customer service on most every product I was using. You couldn't understand what they were saying; they really had no idea what they were doing and we couldn't figure out what the heck to do. I purchased about 1 ½ ago a HP Desktop computer with all the bells and whistles, I also got a 2 year service agreement which I have used a few times and it has paid for that service contract 5 fold.

The greatest part of this is the fact that HP technicians all spoke very clear American English and also knew what the heck they were doing and if they didn't know they would tell you and still try to resolve the problem. They resolved every problem I had and very quickly.

I had a big problem last week with a Microsoft program, Windows Movie Maker, which I have used many times but not on a big project. This project was 7 times larger than any of the other video/movies I had put together with music and pictures. I was confident that I could get it done but was under a dead line to get it done within 5 days. My husband and I worked together scanning the pictures into the computer and got that done in one day. From there on I started placing the pictures in and then the music, all of a sudden the program quit responding and I had to keep rebooting it. Sometimes it would save, sometimes it newouldn't, it was very frustrating and nerve racking, to say the least. I started reading what was on the Knowledge base at Microsoft and found nothing about this problem, I did a Google search and there were a lot of idiotic things to try and fix it, no of them work! I suggest you check with Microsoft and not take suggestions that on out there on the search engines, it could hurt your system and then you have more of a headache.

On the 4th day I finally called Microsoft, I told them the problem and they documented it but told me that I needed to contact HP, the one who held the license and they would help me. I thought, oh boy here we go with a run around game. So I called HP and they were Awesome, helping me out and getting the problem resolved.

The best part is still to come! HP called me the next day after going to the event that we needed this for, and asked how everything went and did they help with the problem. I was very excited and told them, that from my experience I will always buy HP and will tell everyone to Buy HP. Their service is impeccable and you can understand them, they are in the US.

Next day Microsoft call me and ask me if I got the problem resolve. I told them yes and that they needed to update their Knowledge base with the information I had went through trying to get this movie done. They were very receptive and took every step down and assured me that it would be posted to the knowledge base. They thanked me for being so generous with the information and also told me that they are improving their customer service. I truly believe that they are. I could understand the representative very well and I can't be certain but it seemed to me that the rep was from the US. Also when I called originally for the problem the person I talked to also seemed to be American or was very proficient in English.

I really hope we are starting to get the jobs back in the US and our customer service coming back to the US. I know one thing I am more apt to buying products that have a US support team and US customer service. We need the jobs back and also we need to use those people in the US that can get the job done and not frustrate us by poor language or poor customer service. They need to remember Customer service is the best calling card you can have to generate new business.

Carolyn Roome
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