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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Easily Get an Online Gallery Like a Successful and Established Photographer

Did you know that many home-based photographers are missing great money opportunities because potential clients cannot find them on the web? Web hosting and web domain name, are the two most important decisions you will need to make before you can have a new website for your business, regardless if your business is a freshly set up business, or already established for years.

Do You Know The Keywords To Use in Your Web Domain Name?

More than 85% of all website traffic comes from search engines, which index web pages based on content. As you may know, the search engines, find products and services, based on keywords. When you include a keyword into your domain name, you almost always will rank higher than your competitors that may have the same products, yet do not have the important keyword, in their domain name. For example, try to have the keyword 'photography' or your country in your domain name.

In addition, choosing a domain name which resembles what you do, what you are offering, or the type of service available, is a perfect decision when preparing to build a new website. Nonetheless, the domain name should be short and easy to spell and remember in order to be effective. You can use a domain registrar like Godaddy to register your domain name, or you can choose to register your domain name with your hosting company.

While you are thinking about your web domain name, deciding which hosting service to use would be the second most important step in building a new website.

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Hosting for Your Online Gallery

There are various "free website hosting" services available on the Internet. Nonetheless these services are not always reliable, and often times include unwanted ads, to offset their cost. In addition, they are limited in terms of features, visitor allowance and number of pages you can have. If you plan to have only a few visits a day and just a few photos to show, then you can give a free hosting a consideration.

What is the Shared Web Hosting Plans

An inexpensive "shared hosting plan" with a guaranteed up-time of 99.9 percent and a cpanel, is the bare minimum you should aim for. A "shared hosting plan" means that you share a web server with other websites. This method of hosting is inexpensive and is more than acceptable for a new web site.

Different hosting services will provide different features to photographers or any other kind of users, such as bandwidth, speed, up-time, disk space, technical support, access, and applications, which include the most popular scripting languages. Without getting too technical, PHP, FTP, SSI, Perl, SSH, MySQL, or SSL, which is secure server, shopping cart, are different features, used to accomplish different task, such as database maintenance, report processing, or to produce certain types of dynamic web pages. For a photographer like you, you just need the ability to install the open source gallery software using one click Installer like Fantastico. 3 of the highly recommended free open source gallery applications are 4images, Gallery and Coppermine.

If you get bogged down in the jargon's, just ask if the web hosting will allow you to have 50, 100 or 1000 photos, depending on your requirements. You also want a hosting service which will allow you to grow. Nothing is more scary than to learn from your hosting service that your site is running out of bandwidth. When get more visits and require more space for your photos, you may even be moving to a virtual private server, dedicated hosting or even a reseller hosting plan.

Your Web Hosting Should Help You Build A Good Web Gallery

Support System is very important for new web gallery owners. Making tech support as your priority in choosing web hosting can save you hours and hours in the future. You can build website faster and avoid costly web developer fee if you can get the answers to your queries from your web host.

Do You Make These Mistakes When Choosing a Windows Hosting?

The larger web hosting services will allow you to choose between Windows Hosting, or Linux Hosting. To fully disclose the difference between these two hosting platforms would take more time. It may be shocking to know that Windows hosting plans are NOT more popular just because the new PCs come with a Window's operating system. Linux is based on open source operating system, and are used by more than 57% hosting servers in the industry. If you are not sure which to choose, we can guarantee that you are more than okay with the popular Linux or UNIX hosting for your web gallery.

One Way to Get Cheaper Hosting

To conclude, you can immediately get started today with your online portfolio if you just do 2 things; get a domain name and find an affordable hosting. For an easy comparison of the Internet's best web hosting solutions, visit web hosting comparison and review sites such as - You can also find a number of coupons and discounts from these websites or just by searching on the Internet, and save the money to buy new lenses.

The author is an avid photographer and also a web developer. He has helped people to build their own photo gallery and internet businesses. Many of his projects involve doing web hosting comparison on reliability and prices of the best web hosting services. If you need a simple but reliable hosting service, he recommends you read hosting reviews like this iPage review first.


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