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Friday, 8 October 2010

Efficient Service Software Solutions For Smart Management

A lot of companies nowadays offer high tech service software solutions to cater to field service industries for web based applications like Field Service Management Software or SaaS (Software as a service). The idea of service software came into existence after a need to optimize processes and information was felt by many companies who were sending their technicians or staff into the fields.

The SaaS or service software usually deploys software over the internet for customer's use. The exclusive feature of this application is that instead of installing the software on a website or database, the customers can access the application from anywhere while using internet. The objective of deploying service software is to let users access their data with a pass code while reducing their investments on server hardware and also for reducing hiring costs. The benefits of these services are:

Saving money as customers can save by not buying servers or additional software to support use as everything is functional with the help of internet

These services are easy to use

Flexibility and customizable options to suit particular needs

Smart work scheduling for focusing budgets on competitive advantage instead of infrastructure etc.

With the help of these programs it has become easy to streamline operations by providing CRM, job management, scheduling, equipment tracking, employee and vendor management, reporting, accounting and inventory management etc. All these operations can now be processed and accessed from any computer, laptop or PDA with the use of an internet connection. The concept of service software is best suited for cutting costs on scheduling and operating by a cost effective method for medium to large sized businesses. In addition these services are also customizable at fraction of costs to suit various business needs according to individual portfolios.

The software can also be branded to the precise specifications and is hosted and maintained in a very secure environment. Bella Solutions is a recognized provider of web based applications like Field Service Management Software or SaaS. The company promises to infuse cutting edge technology with creative visions to deliver expert high tech web based solutions for managing any kind of field based business operations. To know more, please browse through

Bella provides easy-to-use web based Field Service Software uniquely designed to streamline Scheduling, Dispatch, Customer Management, Work Orders, Employees, Subcontractors, Inventory, Estimates, Invoicing, and Accounting entirely online.


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