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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Embracing Educational Software in the Technology Age

The family computer is a centerpiece of the modern home and an indication of the supreme importance of technology in children's education. Kids in current society must learn how to filter the hi-tech input they receive from every angle, and how to use the abundant information and power available from the internet and computer software for positive ends.

While some may be skeptical about the value of kids learning games and educational software, it is important for teachers in the classroom and at home to recognize the positive influence software based learning games can have on the modern day child.

Educational software is a powerful tool, capable of providing compelling, appealing, easily internalized lessons on multiple subjects, from reading and math to typing and chess. In a world exploding with exciting forms of entertainment for kids, educational games can teach children that the computer is a tool and not simply a hi-tech distraction.

Children love computer games, spending hours in virtual worlds of fast paced, highly charged competitive games and simulations. The excitement of computer games does not have to end before the educational experience begins for kids of all ages. From preschool learning games that teach children to recognize colors and animals, to interactive education games for middle-schoolers that ask them to create the software and write their own puzzles, the world of educational software is ripe with benefits for kids and teachers alike.

Rather than separating the world of "games" from school and leaning, learning games teach kids the value of technology and the importance of interactive learning. The term edutainment, the combination of entertainment with education, has been used to describe the current climate of kids' education. The thought goes, if kids of are entertained while they learn, they will tune out and learn nothing.

However discouraging that concept, the idea behind that should encourage educators to use the educational software available to them, at school and in the home. Kids have been predisposed to interact with information in the computer and internet age. So our educational methods must involve tools that will equip children in a way that develops interactive learning and that has technology at the center of their classroom experience, as well as their entertainment.

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