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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Five Reasons to Buy a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry, made by Research in Motion (RIM) headquartered in Waterloo Ontario, Canada and with offices in North America, Asia and Europe, is the leading Smartphone in the market and is currently being used by millions of people worldwide. RIM released their fist BlackBerry in the year 1999 and is still driving strong sales performance today. The BlackBerry provides high-tech quality hardware and software that sets the standard for the cell phone industry. Just about everybody has hers of or wants to purchase a BlackBerry. To decide if a BlackBerry is right for you here are five reasons why you should buy a BlackBerry.


The BlackBerry is excellent for corporate, small business and even professional use. Business can keep track and update employee work reports just by synchronizing the phone with their company's servers. A professional can use the BlackBerry to keep track of appointments, schedules and important information. RIM provides an exclusive instant messaging service that only works between other BlackBerry devices.

Corporate e-mail and exchange services

The BlackBerry can link with your company's internal email account, Microsoft exchange or you can use the BlackBerry Corporate e-mail service

Functionality and quality

The OS performance is clearly stable and response to user actions seems flawless. The voice dialing performance was accurate to every spoken command to the letter. The phone links clearly to Bluetooth headsets with quality audio and seeming no delay or lag.


New features on the BlackBerry allow users to look their phone or retrieve information when the phone is lost or stolen.


These days BlackBerry's are far more affordable than they where several years ago. Note that many of the do require the purchase of a data plan along with your talk time. Without the data plan you really aren't using the feature of your Smartphone.

Isaac McKinney


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