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Monday, 11 October 2010

How I Make Money Online - Confessions of a Tech Newbie

Step-by-Step Make Money Online Tools - PART I

Sorting through the information overload on "How to Make Money Online" can be daunting - I know - I'm a newbie internet entrepreneur myself and I don't exactly come from the MTV generation sooo, how do you know where to start? How do you tell what the best, fastest, and easiest way to make money online is - it's easier than you think!! All you have to do is learn from the best, imitate those sites that are successful and, after all, we know that imitation is the BEST form of flattery right!!

Okay so how do you know which sites are successful? Have alot of Traffic? Make alot of Money? Simple - find the right tools to help you identify the "good" sites - the really "money making" internet business sites. That's why I wrote this article. I wanted to share some of the tools you'll need to identify the "big traffic" sites AND to help you position your site(s) competitively in the search engines.

TOOL #1 - Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN

One of the simplest ways to improve your site's placement in the search engine results is to work on identifying the right keywords for your site. For purposes here, I will refer to a "keyword" as a word that a user searches for when using a search engine.

Keywords in General

The best keywords are 2- to 4-word phrases that accurately describe what you offer using everyday language that searchers are likely to type in.

HINT: If your keywords are too general then they'll likely be too competitive and even if you rank well on them your traffic might not convert well (become a buyer), since searchers are usually looking for something pretty specific. But if your keywords are too specific then few people will search for your terms and you'll get few potential visitors.

NOTE: Since the engines rank pages, not sites, you will target different keywords on different pages. You might go for a more general term on your home page, and more specific terms on your inside pages.

Here are common mistakes people make in selecting search terms:

Single-word terms

Terms that are way too broad, and not focused to what you offer

Terms that are too specialized, which nobody searches for

Terms that are unpopular

High-competitive terms that you can't hope to rank well for

To learn more about each of these common mistakes-check out websitehelpers online.


Here are 3 good tools to help you select and rank Keywords for your site:

Google Keyword Tool

If you want to simplify your keyword list-building and improve your click through rate this is the tool for you says Google. Simply enter your keyword(s) or website URL into the keyword tool to view additional keywords. Google Keyword Tool will generate a list of the most popular synonyms and related phrases based on billions of searches and provide you with traffic estimations for your keywords.

Good Keywords Tool:

Good Keywords says they are theTool that will help you find the best keywords for your webpages. Good Keywords is a free Windows software for finding the perfect set of keywords for your web pages. They say, knowing the right keywords to target is very important because your site should provide what people are searching for. Good Keywords is completely free. No registration, no payments. It is a small 500KB download, digitally signed and safe to install.


Wordtracker offers a "free trial" and claim to help you find the keywords you need to succeed online. They say that: People use different words when they search for your products online. Use the keywords that Wordtracker identifies in your website copy and people will find your site when they search. No matter what business you are in, Wordtracker says they will tell you the words people use when they search - and how popular each key word is.

All three of these tools were used to identify the right keywords for theperfectdognow "ClickBank" website. To see the keywords that were used for this site i.e. the strongest keywords that a user would use in their search, all you have to do (once you get to the site) is just let your cursor hover over each image and you will see the keyword text used.

Learn more in Tools Part II - Make Millions selling Other People's Product ONLINE - The Clickbank Revolution is here . . . but what's it All About??

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a. k. Tobor is in Corporate Recovery having escaped from the Fortune 100 world a mere year ago. She's reinventing herself as an internet entrepreneur and looking forward to sharing ALL her knowledge, resources, tools on how to build an internet empire with her loyal readership.

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