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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Looking For Beats Software? How to Create the Best Beats

Creating a track with beats software has become more affordable than ever thanks to the ever evolving techniques used for making this tech. It is much easier to get creative, produce your track, and get your ideas on to MP3. This is great news for the beginner and person on a budget who just want to get started at producing their own material, and don't want to shell out a fortune for the higher priced gear.

When deciding which beats software to go for, it should come with multiple functions so that you can get your full creative potential flowing. It should enable you to write a piano part, write bass lines, guitar parts and create synthesiser noises too. You want to be able to lay down your beat and adjust it easily until you are totally happy with it, and also adjust the BPM for the right tempo too. At this point i would advise that you not to go for the so called "free" downloads on the internet. The reason for this is that i have downloaded beats software in the past, and have found them to be a waste of time because they were either unusable, or free for just a short time. These free for a short time downloads then become really annoying because the makers make it really difficult for you to get rid of unwanted files from your computer.


When creating rap music it helps to really listen to your favourite artist attentively and really dissect the individual track parts. Listening for the subtlety of new sounds being introduced into the track will improve your ear, as the small details in any art or craft add up to make a big difference in the end. The drums along with the bass, act as the backbone to the tune, and is a good idea to lay down your beat first. Try not to make your beat too complicated or too perfect and don,t be afraid to scrap the whole thing if your not happy with it, as you can quickly knock something else up with a decent beats software. it would also be advisable to learn the basics of the piano so you can come up with a catchy riff on your own, and just give yourself the ability to improvise over a beat and a bass line. Not only is this helpful, but is also very enjoyable too. All the white keys on the piano are in the key of C Major with the relative being A minor, so if you stick to the white keys you can't go wrong.

The best and cheapest beats software at the moment are sonic producer and fruity loops. Sonic producer is cheaper than the fruity loops with an easy to use interface. It is a breeze to use and has all the functions you need to create your first dance floor killer. To learn more, see the authors bio underneath this paragraph.

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