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Monday, 11 October 2010

Monitor Employees Using Mobile Phone Spy Software

Whether you own a small business like a pizza outlet, or a multimillion dollar venture, such as a hi-tech software development firm, your employees are undoubtedly your business' most valued asset. They are the people who help keep your company running. This is why the moment workers go on a strike, the wheel of the economy comes to a grinding halt. In order to facilitate effective business communication, it is common these days for businesses to provide their employees with cell phones. However since bills are paid for by the company's money, misuse of this facility by employees is a constant headache for most employers. In fact, workers at many companies are known to spend hours chatting with their girlfriends and family members, using their company provided mobile phones. Also, in a few high profile cases, dishonest employees are known to have communicated trade secrets over cell phone.

Even though the benefits of providing employees with cell phones far outweigh the cost incurred from the misuse, employers have constantly been seeking ways and means to ensure that their employees are making use of this facility in a productive manner and not wasting their company's time and money. Mobile phone spy software is a solution that allows you to constantly monitor a certain employee's mobile phone usage. The software is supported by a wide range of cell phones of different makes. You just need to install it in a cell phone, before handing it over to your employee. Installation process isn't much of a hassle, and it takes less than a couple of minutes, normally 5 minutes! While installing, you need to enter the unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of host mobile handset as well as your own cell phone number. All intercepted calls, messages will be directed to this predefined cell phone number.

Once installed, the mobile spy software hides itself and can not be detected. Whenever the employee makes or attends a call, embedded spy software instantly connects it to your predefined cell phone number using the target handset's 3-party call conferencing feature. This allows you to listen to the entire conversation. Making use of its SMS spy feature, the software forwards you copies of all text messages sent and received by your employee.

Even though embedded spy software uses very little of the host handset's battery power, you can still set it in hibernation mode, simply by sending a sms to the spy-phone (the one with spy software installed). Activating this mobile spy software is just as simple. And since the spy-phone relays all intercepted conversations and text messages by using the existing GSM network, you can still monitor your employees even while you're out of town. Once you detect any cell phone misuse on part of an employee, you can reprimand him for his conduct. The best thing is that even if the employee changes his SIM card, mobile spy software's working is still unhindered and it will immediately update you about the new number through a text message.

I am sure that by using this smart spy software, you will not only be able to cut back on your company's phone bills, but also be able to enhance productivity of your employees by monitoring them whenever you want.

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