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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nokia and Microsoft Challenge Blackberry

In the second half of 2009 alone, it is estimated that almost 300 million mobile phone units were sold and the data showed that this is a marked 6 percent increase compared to last year's numbers. In addition, this year saw the rising popularity of smartphones, a segment of mobile phones with an addition of two popular features, web browsing and document and presentation editing while on the user is on the go. One very popular brand of smartphones is the Blackberry. It was the office people who discovered its multi-tasking features, then picked up by college kids and teens who found it easier to use the Blackberry's qwerty keys for texting and emailing each other.

Now, more and more people see the beauty and practicality of such devices that they are beginning to shell out more money just to buy these gadgets. For connectivity convenience, some young professionals are even taking out fast payday loans to pay for these hot smartphones, which the price range between $600 to as high as $1200, depending on the features offered. This growth in demand translates to big sales, which in turn, caught the roving eye of software makers, like Microsoft, and mobile phone manufacturers, such as Nokia. These companies discovered a new market to conquer.

With Nokia's launch of their immensely popular and powerful Nseries mobile phones, it seems that the tech company could do no wrong in the eyes of its millions of users worldwide. And the company's reputation is not built on hype but built-in the mobile units through the high tech features and sleek design, merging form and function into one. Each Nseries model-from the N97 to N85-has solid multimedia features, multiple connectivity options, and subtle ergonomic design. Concerning designs, users are more discriminating with their mobile phones and they want sexier and smaller units that they could take anywhere. They would rather purchase a more expensive unit, maybe through a payday loan, which include the features they need for online connectivity and such. On the other hand, Microsoft is riding the rising tide of mobile communication devices and they are developing web versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, that smartphone users can easily access through browsing.

To counter the popularity of smartphones, such as Blackberries and Apple iPhones, Nokia and Microsoft will work together to make their programs and devices work seamlessly, pooling their strengths and eliminating their weak points. This partnership, however, would benefit Microsoft more since its Office applications can reach a wider audience. By working together, Microsoft's Windows Mobile and Nokia's Symbian operating systems would increase the communication capabilities of their loyal users.

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