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Monday, 11 October 2010

Optimize Your Email With Image Optimization Techniques and Using Content Delivery Network (CDN) Tech

Optimize your email with image optimization techniques and using Content Delivery Network (CDN) Technology.

What does optimizing images mean?

Image optimization is simply taking high resolution images down in size and rightsizing them for the web.

Why should I optimize my images?

There are several reasons why you should be optimizing your images. For one, optimizing your images makes downloading them and opening the email faster for your visitors. Also, you do not need to show a 600 dpi image when a 72 dpi is exactly the resolution that most monitors are able to display. Not only are you wasting precious bandwidth, you are putting unnecessary loads on your server.

Saving your images.

When saving your images for the web; always use the "Save as Web" option in your image editing software. This is a standard option in most image editing programs that will allow you to optimize your images to current web standards.

Using basic image optimization techniques will pay off immediately by allowing your email recipients to download your email faster minimizing any server spikes that you inevitably get when sending a mass email.

Tip: Apply the same image optimization principles to all of your images on your website. Servers will love you and your competition will envy you.

What is CDN Technology and how can it help me?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is basically multiple computers that are networked together with one common goal: to delivery content in the quickest fashion possible.

How does it work?

When we send out an email, we load the email images into our CDN and it distributes, or caches the content (or in this case images) to over 15,000 servers. So if we sent out an email and several hundred recipients reside in Los Angeles, California, those recipients will download the content from the server located in Los Angeles as opposed to downloading the images from New York City.

Dennis H.J. Miller

Search Marketing Specialist

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