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Friday, 8 October 2010

Remote Computer Support - How a Help Desk Tech Can Connect to Your Computer & Help Repair Issues

Wouldn't it be nice to have your computer magically repaired from the comfort of your own home? Even better, what if you can do it without having a stranger come to your house? Well, now you can with a technology know as remote computer support. If your computer is connected to the internet, a help desk tech from anywhere on earth can connect to your computer and control your mouse and keyboard as you watch in awe.

Remote help desk is not a very new concept as it has been around as long as the internet.  Techs with special software have been connecting to clients computers for years and resolving issues remotely.  This technology has come a long way since its inception.  In the past, the client computer would have to be configured to accept a connection and this was not always an easy thing.  The tech would usually have to physically go to the client computer and set it up with complex configuration.  That is no longer the case as remote computer repair has come a long way.

These days, configuring your computer to accept a remote connection is as easy as clicking on a link in your email. 

Let's say that you are working on a Word document and upon finishing you go to print.  For some reason, the document is not printing and you checked all the connections to the printer.  Everything seems ok but at this point, the problem is beyond your technical knowledge.  Normally, you would call "Geek Squad" or similar service; they would come to your house, fix your issue and charge you an arm and a leg. You just wasted half of your day waiting for this tech and emptied half of your pocketbook paying him.

The faster and cheaper solution would be remote computer help.  You call the tech on the phone, they get your email address, send you a link, you receive the link in your email, click on it and magically, the tech is now controlling your computer from the other end of the country!

You are now sitting in front of your screen watching while the tech magically controls your mouse and keyboard fixing your issue.  If you are on the phone with him, they can explain to you exactly what they are doing so you know how to fix the issue in the future.  Not only did your issue get resolved, you also got a computer lesson!

Dan Kornak has been providing NJ computer repair, technical support, wireless network setup, in New Jersey for over 10 years.

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