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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Science and the Subliminal Message

Many people wonder of subliminal messages are in any way effective. Even though the Internet is filled with self improvement products that claim to use subliminal messages to help you reach your goals most people are still not sure if they work.

Well science can finally answer that question once and for all. Recent research conducted by highly respected and well educated men and women, ranging from Doctors of psychology to Professors of Psychiatry and Psychology have uncovered some startling evidence about the effectiveness of subliminal messages.

Even though evidence has existed since the 1970s and 1980s for the effectiveness of subliminal messages it is recent 21st century clinical studies that offer clear evidence that is difficult to dispute.

Back in 1986 a report titled "The Effects of an Auditory Subliminal Perception Message upon the Production of Images and Dreams" was published in the "Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease". In this report it was documented that of all the volunteers in the study a huge 77% of subjects who were subjected to subliminal stimuli correctly identified a three digit number while only a small number (10%) who did not have subliminal stimuli guessed correctly.

The more recent studies into subliminal messages however are even more impressive because they have used the latest scientific study methods to ensure their clinical trials gained the most accurate results possible.

In 2006, a Dutch researcher by the name of Johan Karremans were surprised at their results from experiments into subliminal messages which they conducted the University of Nijmegen.

Karreman clearly demonstrated that by subjected volunteers to subliminal stimuli he could change the preferences of 80% of people to choose one product overt another. As far as advertising goes this would equate to a huge conversion rate of potential customers to buyers!

Karreman's study clearly shows the power of subliminal stimuli and as a covert advertisement tool his study's findings would indicate that the use of subliminal advertising would be very beneficial to any company or corporation.

The fact that subliminal messages work is not really disputed in experimental science anymore because there is such strong empirical evidence supporting its effectiveness.

In fact Dukes University offered findings from their subliminal research that confirms the findings of the Dutch study mentioned above.

The researchers and Duke University and the University of Waterloo concluded that subliminal advertising is much more effective than regular advertising.

Using expensive and high-tech electronic equipment wired to read brain signals researchers in the UK demonstrated that subliminal messages clearly influence the brain!

As recently as 2009 there have been clinical studies in Britain at UCL which lead researchers to the conclusion that negative subliminal messages affect the brain more than positive ones.

If we deviate away from clinical scientific studies for a moment and investigate the claims of the self improvement world we find that hundreds of thousands of people claims to have gained positive results from using subliminal products.

The simple truth is: subliminal messages work!

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