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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Software to Aid in Stamp Collecting

There are a variety of softwares available to collectors to help aid them in collecting their stamps with databases that are filled will plate numbers and a different variety of stamps to enable stamp collectors the capability of keeping records of their stamp collection.

To any collector of stamps there are a huge variety of high tech ways of locating, identifying, and organizing stamps, especially with the great power of computers. The majority of these software programs are dedicated to enabling the stamp collector keep track of their stamp and help manage them more effectively. If your collection is in disarray, then these types of software will help to organize your collection so that you know exactly what you have and the value of your collection.

Some software programs are designed to allow stamp collectors to create their very own album pages, which they can design to their own needs to be able to save time and money. This type of software is intuitive and extremely easy to use and fantastic for collectors who loved to collect theme stamps. Images are provided for you that are extremely easy to use in any album page layout program. This type of software will even allow the collector to create their own customized color graphics and headings or creating their own catalog of stamps.

Other software programs will enable the collector to list, organize, and even catalog their collection of stamps. Most of these software programs are perfect for anyone who is a novice computer user, but needs assistance with organizing their various stamps with out complicated features. Manuals are provided to help guide collectors if they need help and there is even fast, friendly, technical support hot line that is willing to assist you with any problems.

These programs also allow collectors to store important information about their stamps, such as what they paid for each stamp and then keep track of their current value. Rapid multi key entry allows the collector to quickly enter a range of stamps, which is extremely helpful for collectors with large sets. It even enables the collector to keep an accurate inventory of their collection for the purpose of gaining insurance.

These softwares uses an established number system and has a variety of excellent features and includes a plate number coil database with over one thousand separate entries. Also included in this awesome software is the United States Revenues, United Nation, Canada, Commonwealth Provinces, Ryukyus, Hawaii, Confederate States, Guam, Philippines, Palau, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Danish, and West Indies.

These softwares have intensive databases that have the most accurate information available with reliable current market values so that you can place a value on your collection. This software even includes colorful images of a large variety of stamps, plus it also includes a color guide, slide shows, and watermark guide. The search capabilities lets you locate stamps more quickly, which includes a visual search that allows you to search for stamps by images.

There are easy to read reports that are in spreadsheet format that allows the collector to view the reports with images of the stamps. You are able to develop want lists and even inventory and valuation reports easily. These reports are great for insurance purposes as well as keeping track of what you do not have. Softwares will allow the collector to track mint and used single stamps easily, not to mention plate blocks and even first day covers with a built in comprehensive cachet maker.

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