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Friday, 26 November 2010

BMC JK: Attack of Anthropomorphized Smartphones!

It finally arrived. MG love for all things Apple has manifested itself in physical form, and it is now an iPhone to work every day. Physicians that we should try to make him feel, it's normal, so I took to Don a corresponding Android handset. Confrontations are frequent - the corridor leading to TC's HQ literally is not big enough for us, and the rest of the team is responsible for ensuring that we grow other buttons.

Or perhaps it is time for Bmc JK Halloween Special Edition.

Topics this week include the upcoming Verizon iPhone what seems to be finally an Apple fanboy chimère.Et who could forget the infamous white iPhone - the chink in armour from Apple that keeps reminding the audience that Steve Jobs is not enough omnipotent.We also discuss the company formerly called UberCab, facing a new enemy: the city of San Francisco.

And don't miss the exciting fight that I m trying to say the word "alcoholic" is the ondes.Je succeed?You may have to look at til haunting conclusion episode information.

Here are a few articles on topics this week.

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