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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The book of Kindle Best-Selling 158,221 st: Pedophile in love and pleasure Guide

Something that amazon like to promote on their Kindle library is their immense collection of major titles. I am going to say. Here is an excellent example of something I am sure you will find in rivals e-libraries: Pedophile's Guide to love and pleasure. Yeah, it's the actual title.

This book may actually be subject, it may? well, following description:

Is my attempt to make safer pedophile situations for minors who are involved, by establishing rules some of these adults follow YH ' hopes to achieve by using the best nature of pedosexuals, with the hope that their doing so will result in less hatred and perhaps litre sentences should they ever be intercepted.

"Liter" put aside, Yes, it is outrageous.

And Amazon customers are leaving their feelings be known as livre.Des 59 customer product reviews, 58 give minimum 1 star (while a joker gave it 5 stars).And it seems that almost all are now and they are all essentially is calling for a boycott of Amazon to transport a such book or for Amazon to remove immediately. some of them say that they have called or emailed to Amazon and that the company said it looks at it.  

But one commentator said that Amazon already obtained back to them by the following:

"Let me assure you that does not support or promote hatred or acts criminels.Nous endorse the right of each individual to make their own purchase decisions."

" believes that it is censorship does step to sell certain securities, because we believe that their message is wrong."

Another comment says more than a hundred of negative reviews have been removed for now, but they continued.This could be very ugly.

We have reached Amazon for comments, but have not heard yet retour.Nous will update if we do.

The book is Kindle only and is for sale for $4.79.Il is currently the Kindle 158,221 st bestseller book store .c ' is terrifying.

Update: here are reporting the Amazon:

Amazon believes that it is censorship does not sell some books simply because we or others believe their message is only supports répréhensible.Amazon or hatred or criminal acts, however, we support the right of each individual to make their own purchase decisions.

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