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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Democratisation of the talent part 2: to Claire. Of Sonny

This guest post submitted SGN, founder and Chairman of the Executive, Shervin Pishevar. Entrepreneur and angel investor was founder, Chairman of, co-founder and Hotprints Hyperoffice and has made several investments including Nowmov, Aardvark,, Gowalla Qwiki.

So I logged in my email this evening and I see this entitled e-mail: Super Talent. The writer is a Romania casting director who now lives in London.She worked on a number of films with directors such as Spike Jonze.Le email reads:

I found you through this TechCrunch article "Democratizing Talent: Guy Oseary Greyson, NowMov, IndieGoGo chance and the future of talent."Thank you very much, it is a source of inspiration for me YH ' wrote about it on my blog too.
After your story, I discovered this brilliant filmmaker and composer: Josh Beattie.

17 Years ago and I think it is GENIUS.Si someone would invest a small amount of money in this kid, he would be the next big Hollywood movie directeur.Si you can recommend your friends Josh super agent, it would be fantastic.

Thank you for reading this email.

Kind regards
Andreea Tanasescu

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