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Friday, 26 November 2010


Hello guys, 
Thanks for joining us reading this article about me. 
I decide to create this site to give suport and tuttorials for people and friends are into marketing and software business.

Marketing business can be very lucrative and successful   if you have the right mentor   and software tools plus suport, most of the affiliates online havent suport from them mentors,i think personally thats bad.

How can a webmaster make money without teatching the right path to his affiliates-no chance.

I would you guys to join my forum to trade  knowledge and experience for our good.

I have a full-time job as a software engineer but wanna give up to be able to ofert something good  to my members.

I have a lots of prospects wanna share with you about life ,friendship, and marketing sucess.

I have been in a marketing industry for about 10 years plus working as a software engineer.

I do believe ,we, all can be sucessefull in marketing industry.

I have right now seating on my desktop the best software and knowledge waitting for you.

I just hope we all can work together as a team,so please feel always free to ask me any questions.

Autocash is gonna be updated soon,still building it and experiment it.

Im gonna say by for now,ok,please leave me a coment. Thanks
Rui Ribeiro
Autocash Founder


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