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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sencha takes flash with the moderator of the HTML5

Sencha makes a big bet on HTML5. Society, which was formerly called Ext JS, has raised a hefty $ 14 million tours led by Sequoia Capital in June.  Since then, he has been perfecting its framework HTML5 Sencha Touch - a framework that allows you to build mobile web applications for iOS and Android feel almost native and are also platform. And today, the company is adding another more to its suite of products: Moderator Sencha.

If you used Flash before, moderator should be fairly easy pick up. It is a tool to create animations on the CSS3 to work on WebKit - browsers to drag some objects and pictures on the screen, put in place some images keys, and you should be offshore and running.And, unlike Flash, these animations will work on iOS devices (Android BlackBerry and something that supports WebKit) used how the company describes the product:

Moderator Sencha allows simply placing objects (text, shapes and images) on the re-sizable stage area, configure their properties, and then animate back to life. You can move, scale, skew, and rotate objects individually or at various levels of nesting, in 2D or 3D space. With moderator Sencha, you can also take advantage of the CSS3 capabilities such as gradients, blurs, reflections and shadows. You can create animations base quickly and easily. But the facilitator is also designed to be a tool of power CSS3.When you add the HTML or CSS custom, it is easy to do too .Mieux, moderator pure outings Sencha CSS3 animation code, so is the hardware accelerated Apple iOS, which creates incredibly smooth animations. This also means that it is ready to work with any JavaScript, not only Sencha library.

The application is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.Il is still gross around the edges - it is a beta version, and additional features, such as a manufacturer of gradient, are still in the works.It also does not support some major browsers such as Firefox and yet (Sencha says that Firefox has not being implemented support for keyframes CSS3) purposesyou can see some demos of HTML/CSS-based animations at the bottom of this page.

Sencha sell a standard version of the moderator for a price "low hundreds of dollars" to each utilisateur.Cela has also of course a great appeal to advertisers - Sencha offer a version with additional features specially for them.

Sencha is not only tools HTML5 CSS3.Adobe database construction company is also working hard on its own products, including a tool for editing HTML5 called Edge (which has not been released yet) when advertising space Sprout offers Advine, a tool for the creation of creative ad that supports HTML5 and Flash.

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