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Friday, 5 November 2010

Ustream pieces of 4.5 per cent of its staff.

We had word this morning that online streaming services video Ustream dismissed 9 people staff of 200 people. Social news site Digg with other notables lay-offs this week, it is essential to remember that startups often lay personnel when crossing of product and business objective realignment. It is also the case here, according to Ustream VP Communications Lynn Fox.

"This is welcome, we're totally pumped about our future and it's a way to get ourselves packaged to meet our objectives." said Fox

Ustream 87.8 million in funding, which has recently launched its own Open Pay Per View services and ad radio libre.Le startup has also recently been some key recruits, including Fox, to better adapt the changing landscape of online video.

While the Ustream reveal what that exact positions have been laid off, a former Ustreamers are looking for a job, there is much to be here.

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