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Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Great Experience With CPABeyond, Read here:

Ok so first off I actually found out about Cpabeyond through this forum, I sent in my application and decided to give Jon a PM.

He responded with his Skype and we talked about the sort of traffic I would be sending, after looking through there offers I thought to myself yeah this is a network I can work with.

I posted a week or two ago that I did a test run of 1 day and made just under $200.

After working with them for a full week I am happy to say that as of today this is my earnings

I have just been paid the full amount to my paypal and been told I am on weekly payments.

Jon is a great help through skype and a really nice guy!

If you are serious about earning some cash, and having some great offers (email/zip) plus incentive offers. I would try these guys out!

Thanks Jon and I look forward to working with you and scaling things up over the next few weeks!


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