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Friday, 16 December 2011

When Do You Need to Call a Computer Repair Service?

No matter how hard we try, computer errors and crashes happen to the best of us. Although some computer repairs are relatively simple to perform on your own, there are times when it is best to call a computer repair service for help.

Computer Crashes

If your computer crashes here and there, it may be due to simple processor overload or lack of free memory. Both of these things are easily remedied, and even a novice can handle them. Processor overload simply means that your computer is not powerful enough to handle all of the tasks you are asking it to perform at the same time. Try closing a few programs and starting over. If your problem stems from not having enough free memory, you might want to try deleting unused files and programs. If you feel comfortable, you could try installing additional RAM but many people leave this step up to the professionals.

Hard Drive Failure

Although this issue is less common than computer crashes, it does happen. Hard drive failure can occur for any number of reasons, and once it does, the only cure is a new hard drive. Hard drives for most computers can be purchased online and then easily installed in desktop computers, but laptop computers often present a bit more difficulty. For people who feel comfortable opening up their units, a hard drive installation is of moderate difficulty. For the less technically-inclined, it may be best to consult a computer repair service to have a new hard drive installed.

Hardware Damage

Broken screens, failed CD-ROM drives, and even cracked keyboards on laptops happen to everyone at some point. Even if your computer is still under warranty, chances are that these types of damages are not covered. In almost every single case, hardware damage should be assessed and repaired by a qualified computer repair service. There are simply too many things that could go wrong for the average tinkerer to handle them alone. Some of these repairs require very precise soldering, tiny connections, and even testing electrical capacity. Computer repair professionals are trained to handle just these situations.

Unknown Issues

Will your computer not power on? Does your laptop turn itself off if you move the screen? Is your computer suddenly rejecting the drivers that run your keyboard or mouse? Sometimes, there are quick fixes for issues like these. Virus scans and removal of harmful spyware can sometimes resolve these unknown issues. If they persist, the best thing to do is contact a qualified computer repair service for help. There are separate rates for diagnosis and repair, so make sure you understand the rates before setting up a service call.

No matter how computer savvy you may be there will still be times where it is best to contact a qualified computer repair specialist. After all, it is often best to get repairs completed quickly the first time.

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