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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Computer Repair and Maintenance - A Must

Computer repair and maintenance as the headline says is an absolute must for any serious minded individual or business hoping to be competitive on a business level or to be relieved of a lot of stress and frustration on a personal level.

A good computer repair and maintenance plan should consist of the following:-

For Person

Repair:- A reliable computer store: This is for the parts you may need from time to time. You should also be prepared to ask the Tech at the store a few questions to enhance your knowledge of the parts you are purchasing.

Maintenance:- A physical cleaning of your computer every month or so. That is vacuuming to remove dust, a cleaning of the monitor with monitor cleaning cloths, blowing out of the keyboard and visible fans with can air (which is available at computer stores).

A setting up of the Schedule Task functions in the System Task functions in the System Tools folder of Windows OS. This allows for the automatic running of various programs such as your antivirus, anti-malware and other programs you want to run without any input from you. They would just run on the time/days designated.

For Business

Repair:- A few pieces of hardware equipment such as mouse, keyboard and hard drives for quick and immediate replacement and use.

With a lot of companies, it really takes a lot of red tape to just purchase an item. Imagine if a keyboard or mouse has gone bad at a workers desk, and he/she has to wait for its replacement but you as the Computer Tech have to wait on the red tape to get a purchase order.

Maintenance:- A similar plan to the personal one but should also restrict workers use of certain software and sites on the computer plus the use of personal emails.

In conclusion, computer repair and maintenance is a must because it saves money, time and energy.

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