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Friday, 8 October 2010

Enhance Your Online Business With 3D ECover Software Today!

Creating your software box or an ebook cover as special as you happen to be is not a lot simpler by using 3D eCover software. On top of the ability to design an unique online cover, there are some other reasons that you should avail yourself of this software. In the first place this software has the options you need to design high quality graphics to be used on your eCovers. The software includes some high-tech and extremely exciting special effects. An example of this is that you can create a cover that can open and close or locate it at a particular angle. There many options of things that you are able to do with DVD and CD covers.

No need to worry even if you are only a beginner at doing graphic designing, and not quite used to designing artwork of your own. This 3D eCover software that you can get online offers you more than a hundred templates already designed that you are able to use. You just choose which template and then fill in your text on it. The software is so simple to use, even when you haven't had any prior experience doing graphic design, that you will have little trouble operating it. It normally has a guide that shows all the steps to do to create your special eCover. There are videos to train you and make the learning experience even easier, this can lead you to being a pro at designing in just a short time.

If the reasons list above still has not convinced you that you need to use this 3D eCover software, maybe a look into some of the other options it offers will. This software provides your total freedom creatively due to it being flexible and it also has a 2D editing ability which permits you to design the exact look you are wanting. You don't even need a program like Photoshop due to this software having its own module for image editing. This means that you are able to edit and/or add your own images and text, on top of creating special effects without the use of any additional software.

Learn this cover software today to increase your business online and bring more traffic to it. A cover that looks professional for your products online, does a lot for bringing more people to the website you have set up. This concept works though for selling products in the physical world too, great packaging always helps sells more products faster no matter what arena you sell them in.

About the Author:

Thomas is a direct response marketing graphic designer. You can see his latest eCover Action Script Package at as well as the Online eCover Generator at


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