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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Get the best work of a freelance revisor

Public relations or marketing communications manager, you can work with freelance writers or agency. Some of these relationships are likely to be very smooth and synergistic, while others can be frustrating and difficult for you and the writer. You want to know:

"How can I choose the best editor for a project?

"How can I I improve relations working with writers?

And "How can I get the best work of a copywriter, the first draft to final Assembly?"

Read on guidelines that will help you choose the right independent writer for your project and creates a positive working relationship and co-operation.

Selection of a freelance writer

Prior to the assessment of potential sponsors, identify what you want to a writer and need your projects. For example, do you need someone to manage simply writing or a person who is no longer a communications strategist? Do you need a project manager can manage all aspects of the planning and writing the design and production? all these roles involve quite different skill sets.

If you have determined that you really need a freelance writer, examine requests for style and content of your projects.They require a high level of creativity as an advanced advertising campaign? or projects involve more than one style of technical or formal undertaking? different projects require different mentality of the writer and not every editor can produce good work in all styles. Indeed, many writers focus their work on certain types of projects, industries or media.

As a Manager, you will probably find that a writer who can manage all the projects.Instead of this, you probably work with several writers: one that handles the brochures and articles, another written presentation scripts and speeches, but another written direct mail materials.Although these multiple relationships require more time to develop and manage, you will enjoy the superior quality of specialist writers work capable of providing.And, at the launch of a new program of communication, you will enjoy having several resources that can develop several projects simultaneously.

Factors to consider when selecting a freelance writer are as follows:

Level of competency and orientation .the project requires a writer with extensive experience?The writer has an analytical orientation or creative?

Connaissances.Une in-depth knowledge of the subject can be essential for a project because it should be lots of time and effort to form a new example rédacteur.Par, knowledge of technology is particularly important for projects that contribute to a high-tech product or service.In other cases, it may be important for the writer to be very familiar with the audience you are trying to achieve.

Strategy and planning compétences.Gestion project / program planning skills may play a role in identifying the best resources for the project.

Interpersonnelles.Considérons interpersonal relations writer, because it is very likely that the writer will interact with clients or members of the community, journalists, executives, experts question and of course, your marketing and PR colleagues.

Tools of knowledge and skills.If the writer needs to work with specific software, content management systems, or other tools, specify your needs.

Experience in particular in the media.The skills required for Web content or electronic media projects are somewhat different from those required for print.

Review portfolios and samples

When you have a candidate in mind, typically the next step is to conduct an interview in person or by telephone and examine candidate portfolio.The following factors will help you to make a better assessment of the candidate writing skills assessment of samples:

The materials are similar to your projects?

Are the style and tone in the samples similar to those of your projects?

Is the depth and complexity of content comparable to that in your projects?

Is the text well organized, readable and free of mistakes? even if you don't have no knowledge of the material in the sample, you should be able to get a feeling very quickly if the writer can produce clear, interesting and correct copy.

What was the effective participation of the writer in the project?

Maintaining the relationship

Once you've found the right freelance, you can take advantage of cultivating a relationship soutenue.Tout first, examine the freelancers not only for new projects, but also recurrent projects such as newsletters that always seem to be "lost in the shuffle" with more immediate tasks and deadlines.

Develop topic focus of a writer - as technology issues, audiences - and leverage that focus on several different projects.

Give the new types of projects as a way to maximize your investment in the knowledge of the TargetObject example, a writer who has not previously written video script writer writer but who know your products and the company may be a better choice than an experienced writer who lacks knowledge.

When you work with a freelance writer, do not forget to send samples of work published .c ' is a way for the writer to learn of any changes that were made and comity between the final draft and the document published. above all, when you choose the freelance writer on the right, you can expect a positive long collaboration and great material!

Copyright (c) 2007, Janice M. rights King.Tous réservés.utilisé courtesy .Janice is a freelance writer award which help companies around the world produce clear, helpful sales and PR materials the technologie.Son last book, writing that sells High Tech has called "a wonderful guide to great copy for any product based on technology or service". discover Janice and her work and find many valuable resources for high-tech marketing:

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