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Saturday, 16 October 2010

How to Find the Best 2009 Investment

In searching for the best 2009 investment, you, being the investor, have to ask yourself one of the most important questions, and that is, "How much risk/reward do I want?" If your answer is like mine, it's "moderate risk and high reward". For me, the best 2009 investment would be an IPO and specifically my 2009 investment would be a tech heavy or software IPO. So far, since March, I have made over 400% on the 2009 IPOs and counting. I'll show you how I do it in the article below.

So how do you find the right 2009 investment; or I should say the right 2009 IPO? Your first step is to find out what IPOs are available. This is easily done by visiting the SEC's (Security and Exchange Commission) EDGAR website. From here you can search for company filings. What you want to do here is look for S-1 filings. S-1 filings are the IPO's prospectus.

In this S-1 document, there is a huge amount of data. The data I look for specifically when I look for the right 2009 investment or IPO is, the use of proceeds statement, underwriting list and risk factors, to name a few.

The "Use of Proceeds" statement is exactly what it says. This is what the debuting company will be doing with the cash raised from the offer. What I like to see in a potential investment is "Research & Development" and "complimentary business acquisitions." This shows me that the company is serious about growth.

The Risk Factors data in the S-1 filing is a list of factors that may make the IPO not successful, and this needs to be looked at closely. The company could have something like "we don't expect to be profitable for years" and let me tell you folks, its time to run if this is spotted.

The underwriting list is the specific list of underwriters the IPO has attained for the IPO. Underwriters are the "managers" of the IPO and just like any kind of business, there are the good, bad and the "just ok." When I personally want to get into an IPO I make sure that the underwriting list contains power underwriters, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan. This group of underwriters has not only made me the 400% this year but over the last 3 years, while investing in IPOs, I have made thousands of percent in profit.

Using the data, finding the right underwriters and checking out the risk factors could very well propel you to finding the 2009 investment you've been looking for. It keeps working for me!

I've been investing in IPO's for over 10 years now and by no means is this simply a hobby, it's a business for me. Over the last 10 years, I've gained a lot of inside knowledge and made gains in the thousands of percent and I'm willing to share that knowledge with you for free. Download my free e-book here >>>>>


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