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Monday, 11 October 2010

Instant Decision Bad Credit Loans and Credit Cards

With the rise of technology and the Internet more and more banks and credit card companies have been implementing all sorts of automated software that has made applying for loans and credit an almost one hundred percent virtual process. Back before the Internet and the rise of the personal computer you had to personally contact the bank or credit card company to apply for your loan or credit card, or you had to send in a written application. You can still do both of these, but if you want to get an instant decision on your approval status in today's high-tech world then it is a much more common practice to apply online to get a fast decision.

If you cannot wait for your answer then applying online is by far the best way to apply for both credit cards and certain kinds of loans, and if you can submit a complete application then you can expect to receive an almost instant decision from most credit card companies and lenders. The speed at which you receive your answer is typically dependent on the quality of your application, and if you can supply the lender or company with what they are looking in terms of requirements then they often will give you an instant decision of approval almost immediately. After you click "submit" to send in your application on the website you are applying to it should perhaps take a few minutes before they issue you an official decision.

If after this small time delay you then see a screen that explains the details of your loans and a message of congratulations then you can be rest assured that you've been approved. If you have submitted an incomplete application, or if you could not fulfill all of the requirements for that particular loan or credit card then you may receive a message that will explain how the company will get back to you at a later date. This usually means that your application needs to undergo a personal review, and whether you receive an approval or not will depend on the overall strength of your application and the leniency of the reviewer.

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