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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Interested in Futurist Studies - Think of Future Technologies on and Beyond the Horizon?

The future of technology is something that has always intrigued human societies. Science Fiction writers in the past have often taken a stab at what might be in the future. Some are laughed at, some not, but many are revenged by the exact technologies they described coming into existence, sometimes before their deaths, often much later.

Predicting the future is difficult as generally we use the past as a reference without seeing the convergence of such technologies. The author of the Best Selling book "The Black Swan" seems to challenge the foundation of futurism as silly in that there are events, which will occur that you cannot predict which will change future history, no matter how well you plan or how much you think about it. If you are interested in futurist studies, then may I suggest the following topics to study and consider to help get you going:

3D Holographic Projection and Spectral Imaging (future of living room)
Carbon Nano-Tube Car Bodies to save weight boost fuel economy
Alternative Energy Concepts; Ocean Waves, Algae Bio Fuels
LED lights and Energy Conservation
Water Conservation Technologies
Video Holographic Cell Phones
Voice-Video-Infrared Security Systems
Human/Brain Interfaces
Life Extension
BioTech Disease Innovations
Vibrational Energy Medicine
Laser Weapons
Stealth Aviation Technology
E-Government Initiatives
Artificial Intelligent CEOs
Artificial Intelligent Software Programming Machines
Underwater Cavitation Propellers that Oxygenate Dead Zones
Asteroid Deflection Strategies
Future of Earthquake Predication
Hurricane Diversion Technologies
Weather Control Exploits
RFID Unique Uses
Traffic Mitigation Tech
Space Energy Schemes
Space Colonies on Moon and Mars
Mapping Systems for Ocean Floor

One way futurists predict the future is by considering current technologies of today or those that are on the cutting edge and then projecting those out into the future and thinking on what potential applications might solve a pressing issue that plagues mankind. By studying the above technologies and the advances in these sectors about you will have a good basis to predict the future. Please consider this list and enjoy the interesting studies that await.

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