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Friday, 8 October 2010

IPhone 3G Downloads - How to Download Music, Movies, Games and Software For 3G IPhone

The demand for iPhone 3G downloads is expected to grow with the new device rocking the worldwide scene. Released in different countries across the globe, while the first day was not too smooth with some tech glitches, this is a teething problem as with any kind of new phone or PDA.

Built to be twice as fast as the older generation of iPhone, this 3G phone is priced at half the predecessor's price. With such a formidable combination, it is expected that the sales volume will be in the range of millions. Users will be keen to find iPhone 3G downloads other than using mainstream websites like iTunes for obvious reasons - cost savings!

There are dozens of mainstream music and phone download services like Amazon, Yahoo Music and so on. But the only setback is that the price tag of per download is about $1 to $9.99 depending on what is the file type. For $1, you will get a quality music or song download for your iPhone 3G. For $9.99, anyone can download and play a nice movie.

Other than such resources, there are obviously also websites where you pay nothing to obtain those downloads. It can be for podcasts or homebrews of songs, videos and even games. But, to play it safe, you have to be absolutely careful since the new phone cum iPod is a little fragile and if you load it with corrupted files, it can break down.

I will not advise you to download anything from websites that are unsecured. It is really easy to tell. Take a quick look at the site's FAQ and also observe the terms and conditions if there are any. A professional service normally has both of them.

Next, we have the recent paid membership services. These sites charge you either a monthly or 1 or 2 year fee to access their database. Depending on the site, the number of iPhone 3G downloads you can get can vary.

There are also several sites that offer a one-time unlimited lifetime access. This is the most popular among phone owners since you get unlimited downloads of music, songs, games, software, movies and videos for the price of one membership which is less than $50.

Such services can offer you the convenience of 24/7 accessibility. Reviews have reported that millions of media files are available for your phone as well. There are no limits when it comes to the number of files you want to transfer, and no bandwidth limit. These sites are also careful to ensure that their sites are secured and offer full protection to your PC when you visit them for your iPhone 3G downloads.

Get your iPhone music, videos, movies and games from the cheapest and most popular iPhone download sites.


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