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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Is JVManager The Right Software For Your Affiliate Marketing Program?

Have you seen the ads for the JVManager release this past month and wondered what the fuss was about? More importantly, should you invest your hard earned dollars in this product? Well, JVManager is a very useful program, but it may not be for everyone. The major advantage that JVManager gives you is the ability to organize and automate your business and run your affiliate program, giving you the time and tools to rapidly increase your income. Some of the features of JVManager:

1. Organizes all your products in one place and enables you to make packages and one time offers quickly and easily.

2. Tracks your affiliate sales from beginning to end and ensures that commissions are paid on time. You can even set up different commission levels for different affiliates. Offer greater incentives when sales reach a certain level.

3. JVManager automatically tracks refunded sales and makes sure you don't pay commissions on refunded products. JVManager can track two tiers of commissions. Cookies are tracked for a full year.

4. Automatically protects your download links, preventing product theft.

5. Automatically manages your free or paid membership site. Issues and keeps up with passwords for every member.

6. Automatically accepts payments through various payment gateways. Keeps track of and processes subscription payments.

7. Keeps detailed customer records and affiliate records. Tells you who bought what, when and how many.

8. Handles all of your email tasks. Email your customers, your affiliates, automate your download links. The possibilities are endless.

With all of these features, its hard to imagine that everyone wouldn't want a copy. (And they probably do.) So who should not buy JVManager?

Well, the program does have a learning curve. There is a manual, and some videos to help you with installing the program and setting it up. I am not very tech savvy, and I was able to learn it; but I would not recommend it to those with no technical skills. I am hoping that John will make a set of videos for the true beginner; but in the meantime, there are forums to help also.

It is worth the effort of learning the program for the benefits it offers your business. You have to put in a few hours of study now to save many hours of work later. But you will be able to elevate your business to new success.

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