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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Labor Tracking Software and Labor Union Grievances - Making New Connections

They may have been slow in coming but now it seems that more labor unions than ever are establishing an Internet presence and making full use of it potential. The reasons for their slow start are many but some of it can be attributed to union officials who were loath the see important union matters delegated to or outsourced to off site locations or services.

More Tech Savvy Union Reps

However; over the course of the last decade, more tech savvy union reps have manged to work their way up into decision making positions and the result is that important issues such as union grievances are now being outsourced to new online services that have developed software programs specifically for the task of managing union grievances.

Far More Reliable Security and Integrity

One major factor that has contributed to the rising popularity of these new online labor tracking software services is the implementation of newer and far more reliable security measures. These security measures now mean that todays labor union officials can have complete confidence in the integrity and confidentiality of the information that is passed along during the grievance process.

Expedite the Grievance Process

These new labor tracking software system have also helped to expedite grievance process that have been all to well known for being time consuming in the past. This has been accomplished with the implementation of new web based labor tracking tools that allow for total automation of any given labor union grievance, starting with the initial filing through to arbitration.

Article by Giovanni Tabije. Come on over to my site for more articles on strategic workforce management as well as workforce management systems.


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