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Thursday, 14 October 2010

More E-power in Your Pocket

With every passing day, sleek, high-tech gadgets gain more features. Electronic revolution has brought features like graphical user interface, downloadable ring tones and wireless Web browsing to your cell phone.

Way back in 2001, when Apple had introduced the I-Pod, it was an MP3 player and it was the storage capacity of 20 gigabytes that made people gape with surprise.

Five I-Pod generations later, the latest version of the device plays songs, movies and photo slideshows and even allows you to store up to 60 GB of any type of file you desire. Still wondering why so many people buy an I-Pod? It comes today with a variety of software to enhance its function.

On a serious note, there is PDA (personal digital assistants) which help keep millions of people move with clockwork precision because they are able to organize their schedule with the help of the device. It makes scheduling and data management easy by the mere touch of a stylus to a screen. The applications of the PDA are far beyond organizing an individual's work schedule.

Electronics is bringing much demand in connectivity into smaller packages than before. In the rightness of things technological evolution is manifest in the Smart Watch that brings news, weather, sports, stocks, horoscopes, instant messaging and e-mail at a mere glance.

Cameras are not untouched by the electronic revolution either. Auto focus technology is crossing new frontiers and bringing the impossible and inconceivable well within your reach. The technological advancement could just make it possible to make your own cinematic masterpiece. Camcorders have gone digital and reduced drastically in size, getting small enough to fit in a pocket.

The days of waiting for the film to be developed before you could see the results of photography are history. The digital age is all about 'snap 'n view'. All in an instant, you can take pictures and e-mail them to friends, post them on a site or even edit them to suit your liking. Digital cameras have done away with the need for film rolls as instant-film photography enables you to watch the image come together in a matter of minutes.

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