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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Start Your Own Computer Repair And Maintenance Business At Home

Who says it's only the men who can mess with gadgets..... Many moms are now turning to this business idea when they choose to work at home. In this article, we will try to understand why this occupation is currently popular among the self employed and what you need to do if you want to start this business.

Today, we just can't do without computers. Even if they can't replace the human psyche, computers have an overwhelming presence in our daily work lives, whether it's in an office environment or in a manufacturing plant. But the computer is manmade, let's not forget. To err is human, so it's no surprise that computers also go bust every now and then. When it comes to business people, a malfunctioning computer can spell disaster. Quick solutions are a must, so that deadlines are met and clients (and bosses!) are kept happy. Need we say more why computer repair and maintenance ranks as one of the best home based business ideas?

Do you speak the language of computers? Are you comfortable with motherboards, hard drives and memory chips? Do you understand computers better than you do humans sometimes? Then this is right up your road. The demand for computer repair personnel will never wane-not in the foreseeable future anyway. The startup costs can be between $ 2500 to about $ 10,000, depending on the depth of the business. If you want to take it part time, there's no need to spend a lot of money but if you want to get serious and put a maximum effort, some extra investing can't hurt. The market for computers and their peripheral cousins is growing fast.

Apart from the 'job security', this occupation gives you immense satisfaction because your work will be appreciated. Offices report that defunct computers lead to a high level of stress and sometimes even panic. So by repairing man's new best friend, you'll not only heal the machine but its owner/operator as well.

You'll have to decide whether you want to go out to clients' homes or officer with your tools or get them to come to you. The former will definitely get you more clients because time is one thing busy people will gladly pay for. Whether it's repair or maintenance, you will earn a good pay, because as far as people see it, your work is indispensable. Preventive maintenance, such as dusting and cleaning disk drives can earn you a tidy sum on a biannual or quarterly basis, as per your work schedule.

To get your name around, print out tech-friendly business cards and leave them at computer retailers. You may want to make some friends with software retailers too. Ask a friend (whose computer you have fixed) to write a review and send it to the local newspaper. You can offer to do a few free test fixes before pricing your services.

Make sure your tools are in good order. Apart from a computer, you need to have screwdrivers to open up hard drives, disc cleaning material, diagnostic software, spare parts and some fix-it-yourself manuals. Your state law may dictate the need for a license or permit for starting a computer repair and maintenance business, so check those particulars first of all. has been dedicated to helping moms work at home for over 10 years. Visit today to enjoy free resources which include, interactive message boards, informative articles, career kits and of course help and advice from the Bizymoms' Home Business Support Team!


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