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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Try New Software With Computer Help

We all have heard about online software programs and free applications but how many of us actually explore the software sources and keep track with the recent releases? Most of the users just depend on their computer help vendors and stay more than satisfied with the software suites given inbuilt to the system. Come out of the limitations and advance your computing with such open source tools.

Linux is probably the only open source most people are associated with. But just with a little search you can find quite a few more open source applications that are designed mostly for your Windows operating system. You might be thinking about the web browsers you have recently downloaded like Firefox or Google Chrome, but really it doesn't end there. Lot more software applications are available over net which many of us still unaware of when they are actually worth having in our systems. Following are the few open source software programs you can find to provide added computer help to yourself.

AbiWord is an open source software suite that can address all your word processing needs. According to computer help technicians it is actually a stand alone tool and a part of GNOME office suite. It is a small and light weight files and so doesn't take much space in your disk. Using this tool you can create and access both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents.

VLC is one most flexible multimedia player gaining popularity to the recent days. It can run a wide range of video formats including MP3, MKV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Ogg, DivX, TS and many more. So, you can run almost any of the movie files you have downloaded from U-Torrent now. One most exciting thing on VLC is, it's not limited to multimedia files only but can convert the file formats also.

If you are into sound processing or similar profession, try Audacity. It's an incredible software application for recording and editing sound systems. Audacity allows user record live audio tracks and converts them readily into digital format. Besides, you can also alter the pitch and speed of certain sound format according to your preference. Audacity can also refine a sound by removing noise and adding special effects.

FreeMind, as the name suggest, is a brilliant mind mapping software. It can be used for keeping dimensional notes of your official projects, important classes, or even most personal thoughts of the users. This software program is written in Java so you need a Java file installed to run the application. Don't think it's just another a kind of to-do list manager, but FreeMind much advanced in functionality. Use it to know more about the tool.

If you are into some creative profession like drawing and illustrations, Inkscape can address your purpose. This is a kind or vector graphics editor capable of working with any standard-compliant tool. It comes with user tutorial guidance that helps you get familiar with the features easily.

X-Chat 2, TurboCASH, Amaya Web Browser, ClamWin etc. are some other free software applications you can come across while searching over net. Log into a remote computer help desk who can provide you with more information on free software utilities that can help computing to a great extant.

Visit online computer help desk and get information about the latest software arrivals. Tech support professionals help users find such software and install the most hassle free manner.

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