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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Watch Satellite TV on Computer and Save on Subscription Fees

For many who are still paying monthly satellite television subscription bills, they are finding it a huge relief to know that know they can watch satellite TV on computer for an affordable one-time software download fee. Though the concept is still new, it is becoming increasingly popular among viewers for a number of obvious reasons. We will look at the reasons as well as learn a little bit more about this software and whether there are any disadvantages.

Reasons for its popularity include:

1. Simple and user-friendly software is the only thing anyone would ever need to pay for in order to watch satellite TV on computer. The price of less than $50 with most retailers is ridiculous in comparison with expensive satellite dish equipment and monthly subscription fee.

2. Software installation is a child's play as compared to a messy dish system set-up. Anybody with minimum computer skills can do it.

3. While a satellite dish can cover 600-700 channels at maximum, the software that allows watching satellite TV on computer provides instant access to over 3000 TV channels and radio stations, including the ones that are normally not available in your country via satellite subscription services.

4. The software provides access to dozens of various languages and channels from nearly 80 countries worldwide.

5. Anyone get to watch satellite TV on computer for free. Exclusive of the low software cost, there are no monthly payments, no hidden charges, no extra fees for new channels and updates.

6. When you choose to watch television using software, you are free to select viewing only the channels or programs you want. With the smart software you can easily search and save your favorite channels to come back another day.

What are the basic requirements for the software to work?

Any media player and fast Internet connection are two basic things you need to be able to watch satellite TV on computer using the software. Broadband connection will ensure the smoothest television feeds transmission. While other specifications do matter if you want to watch quality television on your PC, you shouldn't bother too much as most of the modern PCs meet the minimum requirements.

So quite simply, is there any disadvantage in switching to the software to watch television?

Yes, there are. Many of existing cable and satellite television plans are on contract basis. In other words, even if you may wish to terminate your current subscription plan, you may have to pay a penalty fee. So be sure to double check.

Another problem is that most of our computer monitors are too small. In order to put it on huge screen, either we buy a larger LCD screen or we can wire a video output cable to our television to enjoy the large screen picture.

As you see, monster satellite dish systems are becoming a notion from the past. Not only the younger tech savvy generation tends to watch their favorite programs on PC using the amazing software, but some older folks too switch to the new method. With your PC or laptop being easily transformed into a satellite television set you can watch satellite TV on computer as soon as today itself!

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