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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Web Hosting and Affiliate Marketing

Over the years as Internet growth has accelerated, this demand has also pushed the online business platform of web hosting to grow larger and even more larger trying to keep up with all the new web sites that are being created on a daily basis. It is hard to get an exact number but recent studies show that there is over one hundred million websites currently on the internet with thousands more going live every day. With more companies realizing that they must have an online presence just to compete nowadays and finding the many benefits this medium can provide, the demand for web hosting has never been higher and does not look like ever slowing down. So if you are in to studying trends from the point of an affiliate marketer, then this is definitely one that should be of great interest to you.

Also another major contributing factor when considering web hosting as an affiliate promotion is of course, the most important point of income. As has been proven time and again, back end products are a critical part of any successful internet marketing campaign. In other words, up-selling an already proven loyal customer base over and over by offering new or associated products in the field they have already proven to be interested in. So what could be even better than back end product sales and selling the same client maybe two or three or five times?

Recurring income my friend!

This is the best form of an income producing medium available online at any given moment, at any given time and beats everything else hands down. Not only do you as an affiliate marketer receive commission from that original sale, but you receive ongoing commission every month for the life of the continuing sale. Not only does this give you some great income opportunities but it also stabilizes your online business when it comes to income projections and just all round general stability. You no longer have to worry about how much you will make next month from your affiliate marketing ventures due to fluctuating performances or external influences. Once you have that loyal base of subscribers paying their hosting fees every month you can relax knowing you are guaranteed a certain amount of income to cover your expenses both off and online and you can build up on that base revenue from there.

That is an online marketers dream, to have a stable online presence bringing in guaranteed profits every month without fail. You could take that to the bank. Those 25+ billion web pages (2009 stats) will have to be hosted somewhere, so as an Internet marketer why not get a little bit of that recurring action.

So what to look for in a web host? If you Google web hosting there are 614 million results. Even with quotation marks which cuts it down heaps there are still over 85 million results! That is a heck of a lot of hosting providers to choose from considering you will be recommending and promoting which ever company you choose to go with and putting your hard fought name and reputation behind it.

Now the possibility of a quality web hosting company separating itself from the rest of the pack is not as uncommon as one might think. Three major points quickly come to mind when looking around for a quality web hosting company.

1. Up-time guarantee

2. Technical Support

3. Control Panel

You will notice that money, bandwidth and disk space do not really come into the scope of what makes a great web host as these points are very comparable nowadays from one host to the next. But the three previous points well they can make or break an internet website and so are extremely important.

Up-time simply means the time your website is up and available compared to down and not available. Now 99.9% is a very good up-time ratio and I would not settle for less with any of my sites. Why the down time? Simple the servers that contain all the websites are still mechanical objects that need upgrading, parts replacing and are also prone to breakdowns. There are also software upgrades that have to be carried out from time to time to keep the whole system running smoothly. Now if a hosting company is not properly prepared any one of these upgrades can cause down times where the websites situated on those servers might not be available to anyone on the internet. So do not settle for less in this area as you do not want disgruntled affiliates that you have introduced to this host sending nasty emails directed towards you.

Technical support may not affect the more experienced webmasters but a good free 24/7 tech support can be a godsend to the beginner trying to get their first website up and running properly. Especially the live chat support that some of the big boys in the industry offer. No sending and waiting for tech emails to return that your client may find hard to understand anyway due to all the geek talk. Then trying to blindly follow the directions emailed and getting lost and frustrated. When I need help with one of my websites I simply jump on live chat where I usually end up chatting to someone within 3 minutes who makes any changes that I am not able to do or talks me through the processes i need to carry out live. You cannot beat that for service.

The control panel. Well it might not sound like much but it can definitely make a great deal of difference to an up and coming webmaster. How easy is it to use? What kind of features does it have? C panel is one of the best control panels and you will find a lot of software developers ask their clients "do you have C panel"? As it tends to simplify the whole website process by leaps and bounds. You have features like Fantastico which can automatically install many pieces of software for you including WordPress the most used blogging platform on the web. Many other features are simplified in the C panel such as database creation, email setup and forwarding, domain additions, security, log files (stats on traffic) file management and much much more.

Web hosting is just one affiliate market you could try out and make some good and continuous income. Just remember that to be successful within your online endeavors also means that time, effort and patience is needed.

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