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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

19 Year-old founder of Kiip firm 300 K Angel round for in-game mobile ad startup

We learned that Digger teen entrepreneur and former Brian Wong has just wrapped an Angel 300 k $ round for its game mobile ad startup Kiip. You discover first Wong when our own Mike Arrington wrote on 19 years being the youngest founder never receive investment.

Now Wong has accumulated an endless list of brands, investors including the True Ventures, CTO of SimpleGeo Joe Stump (in its first investment Angel), CMO Rohan Oza vitamin water, Doug Chertok PopChips CEO Keith Belling, Paige Craig in a series of financing private visibly Super Angel of usual suspects.

With funding, Wong announced that Kiip brings old Digger Courtney Guertin co-founder and Director technique and Amadeus Demarzi as co-founder and Director of the design. Wong plans on using money feel partnerships more hiring and distribution and of the Kiip walk in alpha in the coming months, with a public launch in January date.

Wong explains this desire to Kiip (prounounced "conserve" as in "Keep me") try to move "beyond the chain" and take advantage in the game elements without compromising the game ";We are the first product ad caterer for the mobile games space beyond the virtual goods and virtual money folks, [are] potentially our major competitors.»

It seems that Kiip could be a bright start, concurrence.Le still in stealth, already has of wranglin' five game publisher partnerships (Wong would not disclose those who) and currently has an audience of 2 million active users every month.

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