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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Avoid paralysis of technology

I see every day. Companies know that they should expand their capabilities, to update their software engineering and to obtain their speed on the latest technologies and the most important industry personnel. Some have even expensive new software purchased and installed on computers in their designers. However, it serves... taking space hard disk unused potential.

Why a company would spend money on something that they do not use?, it could be a number of reasons, but here are a few hurdles companies most common face when trying to implement new technologies.

The lack of training.Except if your users are already experienced in the solution that you are implementing, remember that they will need some type of training to get their place.Pas many users is capable of learning without instruction. What training is required depends on the scale changes being implemented and the ability of each user to learn and adopt new concepts.

Lack of motivation .c ' is your vision of implementation of new technologies that will take your business to new levels of productivity, but your users share the same vision?for many, it is just another who will do their job more difficile.Vous must clearly communicate the benefits of the new solution and the dedication of the company to support it and those who will use it. Some users be easily adopt new technology, while others will stand up with everything they have.To prepare for this new way of doing things for your business in the mandate or be prepared for a division of your users in the "new order" and "old order".

Lack of time .c ' is probably the most real and difficult obstacle to the implementation of new technologies in the entreprises.Les users whose time is rare are now requested time to integrate new systems.Be prepared to make concessions on time or select a period to allow your users to be lente.Essayez targeting users of one or two at a time to use your new solution on a specific progressive rather than in all areas and closer to your users launched implementation project.

Regardless of your specific barriers, know that the application of the new technology will allow not only for making your company more competitive, but it is necessary marketplace.Get today ready to do more than search for what is available and then buy the technology.You must have a plan for implementation of your new solution or you possibly waste of time and money.Work closely with a company that has already successfully doing so, a link with a consultant who has helped other companies like yours to implement a solution similaire.Pour or technology and before you know, your company is light-years ahead of your competitors!

Tek Lentine is an expert in the field of digital prototyping and alternative technical hi - tech .Tek works currently as a manager of account Hagerman & co offers not only hardware and software digital prototyping but also training and consultation in the areas it has written on de.Vous can contact with questions or comments via e-mail on his cell phone (615) 335-2225 or Tek. make sure that you check the Hagerman utils site web

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