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Monday, 15 November 2010

BraveNewTalent application active Facebook in a Perpetual job fair

When social networks for the first time that they looked like they would completely change the recruitment industry. I mean, a profile was exactly like someone's CV, right? Bad. In spite of LinkedIn are very well as a hub for recruiters as time and efforts in (and upgraded to the Pro version) or other persons to Facebook as a recruitment "back door", it remains that social networks tend do be put in place for recruitment daily real. This is just a bit of a mess, especially where of public and private stream popular begin to cross.

Some companies are trying to solve this problem. In particular, the newish BranchOut is a Facebook application that works where your friends and friends of friends have worked. It has guaranteed 6 m $ of Accel, among others. Then there is consistent and However, while many of these startups are Silicon Valley modus operandi classic trying to evolve as quickly as possible and get the free space between users, there is something more seem to miss the equation: employers.It is a group that are massively conservative and need hand tenant.Ils are even now only get only used to the idea that traditional recruitment consultants or work panels is may be affected by "social recruitment."

BraveNewTalent is a startup that has adopted an approach to the other end of the télescope.Il spent time a network of clients business from London who brought in revenues and pushed the start toward profitability already, but clearly who do qualify as a startup that can evolve.

What qualifies, it's new Facebook app which was here.

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