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Monday, 1 November 2010

Computer, desk: 7 ways to get popular technical support assistance

Sooner or later, you will need to call tech support to correct something. Perhaps one morning you get blue screen of death, or get you one of these error messages on your screen very scary. Or perhaps you try to activate your computer and... nothing. It may not be your computer but your website is completely and you will need to make this call to your web designer or web hosting company.

I've been on both sides of this call for panic and there are 7 things you can do to help call tech support just a little less stressful.

1. Don't panic UI ' is easier to say that when you're computer a blink and you're laying down the barrel of a délai.Mais things are less stressful if you freak out. The problem is not as bad (or expensive) it is likely that you think.

2. Check the evidence before calling - one of the first things that, your person tech you will have to do is to check for obvious reasons of trouble. As is your computer plugged? Is the surge suppressor or your computer is connected is enabled? All cables are tightly connected computer?Or enter your password in correctly? or are you the "CAPS lock" key while you type your password? They run from this drill because several simple things is the problem. Therefore run through of some of the obvious causes of difficulty before look you the phone.

3 Get prepared - if you have any warranty or service contracts gather these materials before calling. There will save you some time just in case your technology person requests this information. You also need the serial number for your computer. They are generally located on a sticker on the back, the bottom or the side of your computer, or they are in your computer tape recording.

4 Be as precise as possible - just say "my computer not pitch work" which is not useful.Support already assumes that your computer is not working because you simply call to say hello.What they want to know is "what your computer not work?You must be as accurate computer possible.Votre start at all?Is the problem that you can activate the computer, but it does go beyond the splash screen?Perhaps you've passed the splash screen, but you cannot open a particular program? describe your problem in early to the fin.ce you were doing when you encountered your problem that makes your computer and if there are special situations which seem to coincide with the problem.

5 Writing error messages - usually when something goes wrong, you will get some sort of error message trying to tell you what the problème.Si you cannot heads or tails of the message, take the time to write fleet can mean something to the tech person you are talking about and it could help diagnose the problem just a little more rapidly.

6 Make note of any recent changes or incidents - sometimes the cause of the problem your computer is something changed on your computer or an incident that happened recently such as:

adding new hardware (printer, scanner, hard drive, memory, etc.)
adding or removing the software
disruption of the power or power surges
the addition of the deletion of a service
software updates or security patches

Sometimes changes as this may cause unexpected problems with other things that may or may appear to be related to your problème.lorsque you are speaking to your person tech, make them aware of changes or additions that you made to start having some problèmes.Ils you can tell you if these changes are related to your problem.

7 Keep notes - many times a call to the support service means that you will spend much time on the phone sent from one person to the other notes on who you talk to when .conserver you spoke to them and they have done to help diagnose the problème.Si you find that you need to keep call support or if you have someone repair fix your computer, these notes will come into practice.

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