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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Computer Is Running bad- How To Speed Up Your Computer In seconds

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The slow performance of your computer is not always caused by hardware problems. This can also be associated with the windows operating system. These errors can make the computer run slow, experience freezing and crashing and cause other issues that prevent work from getting done. No computer owner in his or her right mind would want to have a slow computer forever. It is important to stop your computer running slow as soon as possible and make it run fast again.
Before proceeding to the next step you should first check if the windows software installed on the computer is up to date by going to windows update on the windows start menu and updating your system files automatically. Then go through the following steps.
#1 You should check if the software, applications and programs that you install on you computer are compatible and installed properly. This is simple enough, but it can really make your computer run slow if applications are not compatible with the computer or your version of windows.
Most manufacturers update their programs and applications from time to time. See if it they are still compatible with the computer. A program doesn't have to be the latest version. It just has to be compatible to stop your computer running slow and crashing.
#2 The next thing you should check is the registry. This is where the entries for installed hardware and software are written and saved to. However, it can get corrupt when uninstalled programs leave fragments in the registry. Repairing this will give you a slow computer fix.
Fixing the registry.
The registry is the database for windows computers. It contains all the necessary information that is needed to launch and run programs. The bad news is that it can get easily corrupted. The older the computer is the more corrupt a registry is likely to be.
The registry can be cleaned manually, or with the help of third-party software. The latter is preferred because it is safer and easy to do and there is no risk of mistakes. The easiest way to do this is with a system and registry scanner.
Running a system and registry scanner will carry out a detailed and thorough check of the registry and the rest of your computer. This not only fixes registry errors but will get rid of malware as well. It's simple and fast because it won't even take more than a few minutes to complete the process. It will remove all the invalid entries left by uninstalled programs and fix your slow running computer. If your computer is running slow scan it now and speed it up again.
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