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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Congratulations Amazon, your book Pedophile strike the list of 100 major and more than 2,500 people join boycott

Join the fables of Aesop and 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People tonight on top 100 sales Amazon list is a very unlikely competitor, Pedophile's Guide to love and pleasure.

Earlier today, Mike and MG used their power to TechCrunch to rail against the fact that the pedophile guide is on Amazon all the (Devin has a different take).this effort had unintended, namely a 101,000% sales boost for the book.

Evidenced by the speed something goes from zero to our days, the unlikely bestseller Kindle rose from # 158,221 to a coveted location # 96 on top 100 list Amazon.

Book is also passed 50 reviews 1,525 exams, more along the lines of "it is absolutely disgusting and should be removed imm├ędiatement.Je won't be buying one item in your store until it is deleted."A page of fan protests newly hit Facebook currently has more than 2,500 "likes."Middle America is on the verge of discovering this thing and it won't be pretty.

Amazon has responded to our original post, stressing that they will not take the book towards the bottom.

"Let me assure you that does not support or promote hatred or acts criminels.Nous endorse the right of each individual to make their own purchase decisions."

" believes that it is censorship does step to sell certain securities, because we believe that their message is wrong."

Following this logic of censorship, Amazon should follow the book on the list of sales as well as long as the numbers say it is.Something tells me that this is not going to produire.Nous are minutes from this dominant coverage strikes and that the Red States participate there is not.

This brings me to the paradox of the media - we posted first about it because some of us were not cool with the fact that a book which makes it easier for paedophiles commit their crimes was thus easily accessible via Amazon.Notre post drew summary how awareness was but also attracted thousands of Internet looky loos who thought that it might be funny to buy the livre.Amazon plays now a game of chicken with Internet full (I am not surprised if 4Chan is involved).

If Amazon optionally removes the book or not, guess who makes money when you buy ironically Pedophile's Guide to love and pleasure? M. Phillip R Greaves, a guy who has written a whole with the endgoal of "litre phrases" book for the p├ędophiles.Amazon, please book at the bottom.

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