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Sunday, 28 November 2010 wants nothing to do with new Parent Amazon Pedophilia-philia

Earlier today TechCrunch reported that Amazon sells a book entitled Guide Pedophile love and pleasure in the day, no later than what amazon has defended its sale. More sickening, people are actually buy - it is broke the top 100.

 As this disgusting plays saga, something really interesting happens behind the scenes. Guess that Amazon has just acquired the last week of $545 million? which sells products of Guess? Yes - mothers and fathers with little children.

Take a look at this thread of FaceBook with an official response from are outrage. And wants no link.

"Hello everyone." "As our parent company was purchased by we have no control over what is sold on their site.Si there are complaints or concerns, please send them to

It is obvious the moment on this acquisition could hurt both the link to sell this terrible sociétés.Mais a book could be even worse for Amazon for a subtler reason.

It is very likely that there is an overlap in the customer base between and Amazon, since both are dominant e-distributors. customers are not only less likely to buy Amazon or layers (to boycott the pending acquisition), but they are also less likely to buy at Amazon. And there is no doubt that they shop online at two locations.

It is also ironic calendar, because I can assure you that if the were still independent, they are ALL on this story for the Amazon Books in a paste by saying something damning publicly.Remember, before acquisition last week that the two companies have been price war in all directions.

Here is the financial context could be material to the Amazon.Companies – from Starbucks to Amazon - track "customer lifetime value" or CLV, relentlessly that depends on the cost of acquiring a customer and the rate of retention (or unsubscribe) this client to its vie.Le more determinant in the maximization of CLV is - by far - retention.When you lose it, CLV falls on a cliff.

This sort of thing is a big brand ainsi.En 2010 declared Interbrand Amazon 36th most respected brand, with Apple and Google notching an increase higher than Amazon top 50 year.

When news of this pedophile saga will integrate this could be the kind of thing that tinges image: Amazon very permanently now, Google news search for "pedophile amazon" returns more hits to integrate news such as the Times.Et sites quickly enough people will be discover some of the other books completely blinded sells in the Amazon.

Therefore, it is disgusting that Amazon is defending his actions, as Mike writes, it may be too quite bad decision financière.Personnellement, I'm whereas cancel my first account and the Amazon shopping ailleurs.Que make all moms there think?

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