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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lars Rasmussen, father of Google Maps and Google Wave, heads to Facebook

When Google updated their faith in the wave, an ambitious project again last year, they knew that it was a gamble. But much of this was the team behind the project. A team led by Lars Rasmussen, engineer better known as the co-creator of the enormous success of Google Maps. And now, he left the company. And from what we hear, it leads to Facebook.

Rasmussen has confirmed his departure on his Facebook page. Yesterday was the last day of work at Google. It gives no indication where he will be heading next, except that it would be "a very great ocean closer" (he lived in Australia, where the Wave team was based).But the fact that he has put all this info on Facebook is révélateur.De what heard us, he will join Facebook.

Facebook or Google is still our request for comment.

This is an immense loss for Google and a huge gain in Facebook.Mais it is hardly surprising that Rasmussen leaving Google as the search giant killed his ambitious project Wave just one year after it was first unveiled.

Defection of Rasmussen is the latest in a series of moves from Google to Facebook pre - IPO .but its move is probably a bigger since chrome OS Matthew Papakipos is the same jump in June.

We are very interested to hear what he worked on network social.Aucun word yet on brother Jens, also contributed to co-create maps and waves, will join him there.

Facebook update:

Policy, we no comment on potential until they begin employees.

In other words, when he gets back from vacation between jobs, they confirm.

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