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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Microsoft Flashes A Nice Finger Big medium to the fragmentation of the Android

A month earlier, in my original Windows 7 Tel play, I was cautiously optimistic on the platform but had a few questions about Microsoft's ultimate intentions. Namely: "they will use their power to try to bend carriers to their will." Or take the approach of Google and let it walk above the dictating site features and the bloatware? »

I am pleased to report that at least in the beginning, it seems that this will be the first.

"If Microsoft publishes an update to your phone, you get." "Period" now writes Ed Bott of ZDNet.

In other words, Microsoft takes more than one Apple instead of the Google one approach.It is, it seems that the they will be those warm dishes served customers software updates rather than allow carriers to get involved.

While Google has been quick to iterate Android, carriers have been slow to deploy updates to many customers. They have various reasons for cela.Ils are all pretty good bullshit.

"Microsoft will push the software updates for Windows 7 phone to end-users and all Windows 7 phone devices will be able to obtain updates," the company says Bott.Leur very direct formulation allows almost sound unless they are very aware of the issue of fragmentation on Android and that headache is for consumers.In fact, I am sure that they are.

Before Microsoft hit reset on their mobile strategy was released with Windows 7 telephone, mobile OS, Windows Mobile, origin was largely the same boat as Android is now en.Les carriers had the power, when it comes to updates.And obtained customer screwed.

If at least this way, the failure of Windows Mobile may have helped Microsoft.They have learned and can now make a better product.

Google never made an operating system mobile before Android, perhaps they did not know what they boarded with the carriers (if you believe that android Chief Andy Rubin should) .and Apple was not falling into the trap, simply because they are control freaks.

Speaking of Rubin believes that carriers are the lessons learned from customers and it will be finally with the program when it comes to warm dishes served for updates. ""I think over time, they can learn what is a good deal and what is wrong," he said in October school.two decades of history gives suggests the contrary, but whatever.

Microsoft appealed just ici.Utiliser ensure words, Rubin world may not need another platform, but it is nice to have another one step-controlled carriers.

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